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Event Starts: 
6:00PM PDT

The term brand is perhaps one of the most misunderstood terms in the beverage industry. The word itself is defined many different ways; I choose to define it as, “a consumer’s gut feeling about a product”. The consumer has so many choices in every aspect of what they buy. A good brand needs to be sold; a great brand sells itself. In this series, we will discuss this with brand owners who will strip their brand down and bare what’s behind the bottle: the brand story & desired message, the target market, the sales strategy, and overall what makes their brand desirable to the consumer - whoever that consumer is. This isn’t your traditional series. We will explore brands with unique, disruptive strategies that have gotten people talking. Beverage business stripped down.

Bare your Brand's special guest this month is Sarah Francis.


Maker Info
Matt Price
Eclipsing 10 years in the beverage industry, Matt Price became fascinated with the way in which the world bought and sold wine & spirits while working as a buyer and wine coordinator for a luxury steakhouse. Holding that position for five years, Price discovered his passion for marketing and selling luxury brands. Matt jumped sides to wholesaling, and found early success with Nebraska’s largest distributor. He quickly made his way up the food chain and became Director of Sales for one of the Midwest’s largest wine wholesalers.Price grew into an industry leader by private beverage consulting for restaurants and retailers. In the process, he began building proprietary wines for restaurant groups in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. His expertise in private labeling, brand building, operations & distribution network management give him a dynamic perspective on the business of selling wine. After moving to the Napa Valley, Price put his vision to work: co-founding Delegate Brands in late 2012. Known for “highly-targeted” wine brands, the business model has evolved into a proven concept for wine brands of every size. He has worked alongside some of the best in the industry and has a vast network of influence that allows his business model to operate. Matt has proven he has a midas touch for building power brands. Matt has been featured in several publications, including Inspired Home Magazine, a subsidiary publication of Berkshire Hathaway. He has produced his own brands, worked with premier local wineries and winemakers, pillar’s of venture capital, private equity and media worldwide.Price has developed a reputation for his work with brand strategy, creative and digital strategy, key national wholesale & retail accounts as well as putting together great DTC positioning strategies that integrate every component of the brand’s message and identity